AGV battery signal conditioner

Signal conditioner unit to modify the input voltage from a twin battery system (22-28v) and provide a 0-10V output for a PLC that is 20V lower than the input. Allowing easy monitoring of system voltage level.

The unit is mounted in an industry standard DIN rail mountable 6mm relay base for easy integration.

The refrence that is subtracted from the input voltage is programmable via the onboard calibration system that allows 10 bit (1024 steps) of adjustment between approximately 21V and 17.5V to allow the board to be tuned to the host systeml, or if the customer chooses to mount the board in a customer supplied base.

The onboard calibration system has 20 OTP memory slots. these slots are fuse blow type memory so there is no degredation or memory loss over time. however once the 20th slot is saved no more values will be saved.

For full calibration procedure please reference the manual.