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Rotating Mold Sweep system
Used Primarily for Liquid Injection Molders

Retrofit Custom Control systems
 for industrial applications

Complete Automation Control
Complete automation solutions for the modern production environment.  We offer fully customized automation cells that perform high speed, highly accurate tasks.  Our equipment ranges from assemblers and decorators post molding, to full part inspection, to pre molding operations.

Fully Integrated Work Cells
Integrating with other vendors, or complete build up ourselves.  We offer complete work cell solutions from complete work lines, to single operations.  From custom EOAT to full robot systems. From guarding and Safety concerns to Palletizing and wrapping.

Magazine Style Laser Marking
Job specific marking solution of IC chips using AUER magazines for transportation.  This type of laser marker is specialized into one specific task that it performs extremely well.  We manufacture Laser systems to meet any requirement specification.  With future expansion designed in from the start, you are able to expand the machines capabilities to process multiple magazines automatically, with in-feed and exit conveyors.

Part Tray Style Laser Marking
Complete marking solution with expandable interface tray system.  Custom part orientation tray is manufactured and placed on the universal locating tray.  With the Universal locating design, custom part trays can be manufactured to present ANY type of part to the laser for marking.  The modular nature of the machine means that any further verification or detection can be added with minimal effort.
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Control Troubleshooting
Relay, Solid State, and Microprocessor


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Control Retrofits

We offer complete machine control retrofits using Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Automation Direct, and Proface.
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Hydraulic Troubleshooting
Spool, Cartridge, and Proportional valve technology
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Equipment Rebuilding
Alignment and Leveling
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Customized training classes
Classroom & Hands on,
with class manuals