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DISCLAIMER - Use this information at your own risk. The information I provide is time proven in the field and I hope the information others submit is also. In any case you must always follow all safety regulations that apply to the equipment you are working with and follow the manufactures recommendations in using test equipment.

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Woody Woodrell's orginal misc. Formulas page

Nomograph for Hydraulic oil

Parker Technical Hose Information

How to determine cylinder speeds. This is an article I wrote for Iinjection Molding Magazine
This will allow you to determine the speed of cylinders on your machines

Ten Basic Machine States
This article will allow you to break down your machine cycles down into ten basic states to enable easier troubleshooting

T-Line tune up procedure
This article is based upon a standard tuneup on a Cincinnati Milacron PC3 T-line molding press. It is a good basic document to use with all presses.

How to measure stretch on tie bars.
This will allow you to determine the correct stretch on any size machine for the clamp area tie bars.

Visit ElectroSTATICS inc
Static electricity is a problem for many injection molders. Getting the right equipment is only half of the solution. Electrostatic has a great deal of experience in the area of static control and designs and manufactures a complete line of ionization equipment to reduce the static charge on plastic parts.ElectroStatics designs and manufactures a complete line of static control equipment for the plastics industry. Products include meters, ionization blowers, ionization nozzles, static bars
This information came from Peter Mariani of ElectroSTATICS inc.