Me and the WPM Corporate Jet

My older and smarter brother


wanted poster of man eating sheep of california

Man eating sheep hiding under road sign looking inconspicuous

Sheep sneaking up on unspecting prey in the mountains

Warning Graphic Pictures of Killer Sheep attack!!

Woody and Lynne avoiding man eating sheep

Woody being attacked by Giant Pine cones (known friends of man eating sheep)

Lynne in the habitat of the famed man eating sheep. The mountains of "The Angeles National Forest" north of Los Angeles.

Lynne and Ameee in the woods of Oklahoma

Me and Cheryl

New Pics of K9 the super dog

K9 Woodrell

Thanx to lynn and jerry for the following 3 pics
Pic of Bobby at christmas
Art and Chyrell at Christmas
Lynne and I at Christmas
And of course here is Jerry and Lynn. Arent they a cute couple.